PRS Changes to Handbook

This page gathers together information related to S 14-19, which proposes revisions of the PRS wording in the Faculty Handbook.  The Senate Executive Board is asking for comments/concerns/feedback from all departments/faculty.  The information has been gathered in one place in order to facilitate informed discussion. 


Material Summarizing the Current State of Discussion (and documents referenced)

Summary to inform departmental discussions of S 14-19 -- Sept 2015

Final Report of PRS Task Force -- February 2015

Discussion Notes of PRS Task Force Meetings -- September 2014-February 2015


Docket Item S 14-19 and Current Handbook Language

S 14-19 (Changes to the PRS FH Language) - April 2015

Current PRS FH Language (FH


Discussion and Changes Thus Far

Excerpts of Discussion of S 14-19 from Senate and EB Minutes -- April 21, April 28, May 5, 2015

Summary of FDAR Changes to PRS Task Force Recommendations -- March 2015

Revision of Generic Template by FDAR -- March 2015


Materials Used by the Task Force

Questions on the PRS for Distribution to Faculty and Groups -- May 2014

Compiled Comments to PRS Questions -- summer 2014

Comments from CALS chairs -- October 2014

VP Extension & Outreach response to Engaged Task Force Final Report -- August 2014

Engaged Task Force Final Report -- May 2014