Appeals Committee

Committee Charge: Hears and works to resolve grievances from faculty who believe they have been treated unfairly with respect to salary, promotion, tenure, academic concerns, reduction in force, or other matters relating to employment; makes recommendations for grievance resolution to the provost; makes recommendations for changes in procedures.


2019-2020 Appeals Committee Membership
Office   Term Ending
Chair Tim Day May 2021
CALS Kevin Schalinske (Councilor) May 2021
CALS Dermot Hayes May 2021
CALS Dan Loy May 2021
CALS Gary Munkvold May 2021
BUS Frank Montabon (Councilor) May 2021
BUS Qian Wang May 2020
BUS Meltem Denizel May 2020
BUS Christine Denison May 2020
DES Deborah Tootle  (Councilor) May 2021
DES Sunghyun Kang May 2022
DESAlenka PoplinMay 2022
DESKimberly ZarecorMay 2020
ENG Duane Johnson (Councilor) May 2021
ENG Cameron Rayburn May 2021
ENG Omar Smadi May 2022
ENGTom DanielsMay 2022
HSC Alison St. Germain (Councilor) May 2021
HSC Donna Winham May 2022
LAS Kenny Cook (Councilor) May 2022
LAS Briana Burke May 2020
LAS Andy King May 2022
LASLarry McDonnellMay 2020
LASRob WallaceMay 2022
LASSebastian BraunMay 2020
LASLorrie PellackMay 2022
VET Annette O'Connor (Councilor) May 2021
VET Locke KarrikerMay 2022
VETHeather Mary Greenlee

May 2022

VETRachel AllbaughMay 2022